AfricaEquity Bank Unveils New DRC Identity after BCDC Acquisition

Equity Group Holdings CEO & MD, Dr James Mwangii

Equity Banque Commercial du Congo (Equity BCDC) on Thursday launched its new identity following the successful merger of Equity Bank Congo (EBC) and Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC), to form Equity BCDC.

Speaking during the launch of the new brand identity, Former Managing Director of Equity Bank Congo, Celestin Muntuabu said, “Today marks a historic event in our country, when two legendary banks, with diverse strengths, have come together to form a more extensive and stronger bank for the Congolese people.

The new bank has the capability, talent assembly, experience, and vision to make banking affordable and accessible to every household in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Having a large footprint of 74 branches, and 3,055 agents, the bank invited all citizens to visit an Equity BCDC branch, and they will be able to open a bank account on the spot.

Celestin Muntuabu further noted that Equity BCDC has assets worth of USD 2.5 Billion, with the capacity, skills and financial ability to lend up to USD 40 Million to a single customer.

Equity BCDC initiatives

The bank has promised to lead the market as the first fully digital bank stating all their clients will benefit from their leading market position in the card payments sector (both credit and debit), first-in-class mobile banking applications, real-time internet banking access which offers banking services anytime they need them, and the full integration of their bank accounts with the leading mobile wallets available in the country and abroad.

Equity Group Holdings Plc CEO, Dr James Mwangi said, “The new identity reflects the prosperous future we envision for the DRC and its people. One which communicates our global capability, strong heritage, innovative culture and agile business model to serve as a vehicle for social and economic transformation for the people of DRC.”

EBCDC stated it will leverage its rich legacy in pioneering financial democratization to support  DRC to grow its economy for all of its people given the business synergies derived from being a member of a Pan-African financial services group operating in 7 countries.

Equity BCDC unveils new identity in DRC
Equity BCDC unveils new identity in DRC

Dr James Mwangi expressed optimism saying they are proud of Equity’s example and its role and continues to play in the growth and prosperity of the people of Africa. However, he stated that their work in Africa was not done and they will continue to grow the brand to build the Bank of the future for all of our customers across the continent.

Earlier in the year, Equity Group Holdings Plc reported that their balance sheet had crossed the Kes 1 trillion mark with the acquisition, placing it in the road to become one of the region’s largest and fastest growing financial services firm.

At a similar time, Dutch Development Bank FMO announced a $50 million (Ksh 5.48 billion) loan guarantee facility with Equity bank Kenya to support Kenyan micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, putting the bank on the forefront to lead the SME economic recovery plan.

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