KenGen’s US$6.5 Million Djibouti Power Project begins Next Month

Kenya Electricity Generating Company(KenGen) is set to begin drilling works on the $6.5 Million(Kes 709.8 Million) Geothermal Power Project, starting June this year.

This International contract was awarded to the Kenyan electricity giant company three months ago, following an agreement with the Djiboutian Office of Geothermal Energy Development (ODDEG). The project involves drilling three geothermal wells at the Galla Le Koma geothermal field in the Lake Assal region.

This is the power generating company’s third geothermal drilling contract in Africa.

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Power generating contracts won by KenGen in Africa

In October 2019, KenGen secured a Kes 5.8 Billion contract to drill 12 geothermal wells in Ethiopia. This contract, signed between the Kenyan firm and an independent power producer, includes installing a water supply system and equipment.

The firm has already completed the first drilling at the Tulu Moye site in Ethiopia while drilling the second well. Under this contract, the company will drill eight wells in the Ethiopian rift valley, each well costing about Kes 630 Million

In February 2019, the company clinched a contract for consultancy services and drilling geothermal wells. This contract is worth US$ 76,801,344.

The electricity generator has also formed partnerships with countries such as Ethiopia and Rwanda in renewable energy development.

KenGen is considered among the world’s top 10 geothermal energy producers with a geothermal installed capacity of 706 MW.

Jackson Okoth from The Kenyan Wallstreet contributed to this article