Corporate NewsKenya-Re Appoints Jennifer Karina as Board of Directors Chair

Mrs Jennifer Karina has been appointed as the chairperson of the Board of Directors at Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, with effect from 8th July 2021.

Jennifer Karina has been in corporate leadership for over 40 years. She is a Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Practitioner, acclaimed Speaker& Author.  She is a thought leader in Relationship Strategies and has been a Researcher for over three decades.

Additionally, she is the founder and Lead Coach of Anchor Relationship Network, a personal and professional development agency that provides Psychosocial Support, Corporate Wellness, Leadership & Talent Development, Power Talks, Coaching & Mentoring.

Mrs Jeniffer Karina holds a Master of Arts degree from Durham University, UK and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology.

Additionally, She has attended leadership professional courses from various institutes, including Harvard Business School, USA, Singapore Institute of Management, Canfield School of Management, UK and Strathmore Business School, Kenya.

Jennifer Karina started her career at Dawa Pharmaceuticals Limited in 1977, then moved to Manager-Operations at Ljubljanska Bank East Africa Representative Office in 1982. She also served as a director at Narika Company Limited between 1998-2012. Between 2005-2014, she was the Managing Director of Anchor Consult. She is currently the Chief Commissioner of the Kenya Girl Guides Association.

Prior to this appointment, she served as chairperson of the Human Resources and Nominations Committee of the Kenya Reinsurance Board.

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