Kenya Airways

KQ, African Airlines suspend flights to China on Coronavirus

Kenya Airways on Friday said that they had suspended all flights to and from China until further notice after the world Health Organization [WHO] declared the corona virus outbreak an international health emergency.

The virus that has killed more than 200 people in China and spread to 18 countries pushed major airliners including British Airways, Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France to suspend operations to & from the Asian nation.

Kenya Airways, which operates one flight daily to Guangzhou,china via Bangkok,Thailand joins other airlines around the world that have stopped flying to the world’s second-largest economy as it deals with the outbreak.

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest carrier said late Thursday that they will not be suspending flights to & from mainland china. They however said they will closely monitor the situation and will issue a statement if the situation changes.

Moments after, Rwanda National carrier, Air Rwanda announced that they will suspend their routine flights to China until the condition gets better.

Air Tanzania, which was poised to start maiden flights from Dar es Salaam to China in February, had on Wednesday said they will postpone the inaugural flights until a later date, citing concerns over the spread of the virus.

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