KQ Postpones Resumption of New York Flights by a month on Cancellations

Kenya Airways has pushed resumption of flights to New York to 29th November 2020 due to increased flight bookings cancellation.

In a statement, Kenya Airways said it had made alternative arrangements for customers who have booked are still scheduled to travel before the 29th.

“We greatly appreciate the internet and support of our customers who had booked with us and have made alternative arrangements for their travel,” KQ Corporate Communications said.

The resumption was initially set for 31ST October  2020 with the airline promising a bi-weekly schedule after cancelling flights due to COVID-19 early in the year.

The national carrier Chairman Michael Joseph had said KQ will start with one flight a week with frequency increasing based on demand.

The Airline was initially operating 5 flights to New York every week before the COVID-19 pandemic destabilized operations.

As of October last year, it had completed 594 flights to and from New York , flying at least 105,084 passengers.

The airline had deployed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet with a capacity of 234 seats for daily flight to New York.

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