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NSE Weekly Market Review – Week 32, 2021

The market capitalization of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) posted a 1.5% rise this week to Kes 2.82 trillion from the Kes 2.78 trillion recorded in the previous week. The market saw a stable rise in major counters with a lower decline in the level of share price decline on the losers side.

The overall activity of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) rose during the week as local investors dominated trading on the exchange, accounting for 65.75% of the total market activity on the exchange. Local investors on the NSE focused mainly on the blue-chip companies, with Safaricom Plc leading the pack, followed by Equity Group Holdings, KCB Group Plc and The Co-operative Bank of Kenya, while foreigners majored their focus on East African Breweries Plc.

Equity turnover on the bourse increased by 64.34% Kes 2.45 billion from last week’s Kes 1.49 billion. The volume of shares traded at the exchange similarly posted a 142.08% growth to close the week with 110.51 million shares exchanging hands as compared to the 45.65 million traded in the previous week.

The benchmark all share index of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NASI) was on the gain this week, adding 1.5% week on week to close the week at 181.18 points. This NASI now stands at 19.11% in terms of year to date performance.

tradingview chart
The NSE20 Share Index, technical performance chart

The NSE 20 and the NSE 25 share indices were however mixed, with the 20 share index losing 13.39 points or 0.68% while the 25 share index gaining 32.97 points or 0.84% to close the week at 1,961.07 points and 3,917.17 basis points respectively. The NSE 20 and the NSE25 share indices have gained up to 4.96% and 15.66% respectively in year to date performance.

Safaricom Plc was the week’s top mover, and closed the week 2.14% higher to Kes.43.00 with a volume of 28 million shares valued at Kes.1.2Bn transacted; this was an equivalent of 49.74% of the week’s traded value.

The Banking Sector cumulatively had shares valued at Kes.813 million transacted, accounting for 33.16% of the week’s traded value. Equity Group Holdings Plc gained 2.00% to close the week at Kes.51.00, up from Kes.50.00 posted in the previous week with shares valued at Kes.227 million transacted. KCB Group Plc had 4.4 million shares valued at Kes.210 million transacted, closing the week at Kes.47.15 per share.

Bank of Kigali (BK) Group Plc closed the week 18.06% higher to Kes.38.25 per share from the 32.40 the counter closed at on the previous week while Nairobi Business Ventures was the week’s top laggard, posting a 14.94% share price decline to close the week at Kes 5.92 per share.

TradingView Chart Snapshot
Kengen Kenya Plc, one-year technical performance chart
NSE Weekly Bonds & Derivatives Overview

The Derivatives Market of the Nairobi Securities Exchange closed the week with a total of 71 contracts valued at Kes. 3.0 million transacted, this was a decline in turnover on the NEXT as compared to the 110 contracts valued at Kes. 4.3 million posted in the preceding week.

Trading on the secondary bond market at the Nairobi Securities Exchange posted a 2.99% decline in activity with Kes.21.99 billion worth of bonds traded against the Kes 22.66 billion worth of bonds transacted in the previous week.

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