Retail Investors Most hit on suspended firms from NSE.

Retail investors have been hit most in recent suspensions of trading on Listed companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

In a data compiled by The Trading Room, retail investors had the highest holdings in two of the companies that have been forcefully suspended from trading on grounds of insolvency.

DEACONS Plc Sharholdings. Other investors held an accumulated 33.9% of the company.

Deacons (E.A) Plc had a total retail shareholding of 33.9% as at the time of its suspension from the bourse, while Mumias had a retail presence of 64% in it’s shareholding structure.

This implies that retail inestors held more shares in Mumias than the government as at the time of suspension from the NSE.

Retail Investor holding of Mumias Sugar Company, Retail Investors held more shares than even the Government of Kenya.

Yesterday, the NSE Silently suspended Mumias Sugar from trading after consultations with CMA after KCB Bank moved to put the company under administration.

Earlier this year te Capital Markets Authority had said it was planning to deregister companies that showed dismal future prospects on grounds of investor erosion and confidence.

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