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Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC Gears Up for Commercial Launch

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC (Safaricom Ethiopia) announced a countrywide staff recruitment drive and introduced its leadership team as it affirmed its commitment to investing in Ethiopia’s digital future ahead of its commercial launch.

“The Global Partnership for Ethiopia is proud to be investing in Ethiopia and thanks the Government of Ethiopia and other key partners for their support in the initial preparations for commercial launch. Such partnerships are the building blocks of digital transformation, and I would like to thank all our partners for their support as we work towards enabling our commercial launch and contribution to digital Ethiopia as a purpose-led technology company,” Peter Ndegwa, Chief Executive Officer of Safaricom PLC

Mr Anwar Soussa, Managing Director of Safaricom Ethiopia, provided updates on the preparations for the commercial launch. The company has recruited Ethiopian nationals for technology, commercial and corporate functions in various capacities ranging from executive management to graduate-level opportunities.

“Our ongoing recruitment process is intentionally guided by the promise of a digital future for the people of Ethiopia. By June next year, we aim to build a team of 1000 employees driven by innovation and digital solutions. We will also offer all employees comprehensive digital training packages through our #1moreskill training programme – a gateway to new skills in the digital economy,” Mr Anwar Soussa, Managing Director of Safaricom Ethiopia.

Additionally, the company is set to recruit 450 graduates over the next three years into a global development programme dubbed the Discover Graduate Management Programme. The graduates will undergo accelerated learning rotations across different functions in the business and extensive leadership coaching and mentorship programmes.

We believe young people are the key to delivering the digital Ethiopia ambitions. With our global Discover Graduate Management Programme, we will create a pool of talent of digital innovators who will grow with the business to achieve this.”

As part of the ongoing recruitment process, the company officially introduced the 11 confirmed members of its Executive Committee (ExCo).

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