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Safaricom launches M-PESA Bill Management service for businesses

Safaricom has launched an M-PESA Bill Management service that offers a platform where businesses can present and receive pending payments from customers, and issue electronic receipts. For M-PESA customers, the service provides a single point where they can view all their bills, receive reminders, and automate bills.

report issued by the telecommunication company said they are mainly targeting schools, landlords, utilities, and other businesses. For schools, the Bill Manager platform will enable management to customise the different fees such as tuition, lunch, transport, school trips among others, and send fee reminders to parents and guardians.

Landlords and property agents can send rent payment reminders and reconcile any received payments. For utility providers such as water and internet providers, the service will automatically bill their customers who will have a way to view and manage pending bills easily.

“M-PESA Bill Manager empowers thousands of Kenyan businesses, especially schools and landlords, to digitise their businesses beyond just collecting payments at no additional cost. The service will equally empower millions of M-PESA Pay Bill customers with better record keeping by providing digital receipts for each payment. Our ambition is to empower both businesses and our customers easily manage and keep track of payments”, said Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom

The service is expected to improve the customer experience as it saves them from queuing to make payments and presenting the paperwork physically.

All businesses with the Lipa na Mpesa pay bill will receive the service for free.

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