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Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 35, 2021

Global Markets were mixed this week as data from various fronts; from the U.S jobs data which was released on Friday and the growing anxiety over the shifting Fed policy adding new wrinkles to various analysts across various global markets. United States The benchmark indexes for the top global market ended the week mixed after the S&P MidCap 400 Index joined the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes in reaching new intraday highs on Thursday....

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 34, 2021

Global market headlines swung squarely to Fed policy and geopolitical uncertainties last week, while swings in the stock market remained narrow, continuing August’s tranquil trend. United States Stocks gained as full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine supported sentiment toward an ongoing economic recovery. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index outperformed the broad market S&P 500 Index and the large-cap Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Russell 2000 Index of small-cap stocks...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 32, 2021

  Global markets were mixed for a second week running, with data indicating that markets from the west were trading higher while markets in Asia whipsawed through days of decline as Chinese traders remained cautious on concerns of a crackdown on various sectors by the regulators of the world’s largest economy. Apart from this, there were concerns over the rising numbers of coronavirus infections in the global zones, with china hitting past the 131 infections...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 31, 2021

Global Markets touched new highs again last week, with the latest jobs report reflecting the broadly favourable fundamental backdrop. We think the music will play on for this bull market, but the experiences of 1994 and 2010 highlight the potential for the record to skip. Given the parallels, here are a few lessons for investors to consider: United States Stocks recorded gains for the week, helping the large-cap benchmarks and the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 30, 2021

Global markets were on the mixed this week. A slew of corporate earnings reports, economic data, a Fed meeting, and the regulatory-induced sell-off in Chinese equities made the last week of July the busiest one this summer. There was a lot of push and pull, with equities finishing slightly lower to where they started the week, but still near all-time highs. We think the fresh data points reveal the following about the health of the...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 29, 2021

Global markets were mixed but mostly higher with most markets experiencing pullbacks, which have been infrequent and short-lived as strong economic growth, positive investor sentiment, and extreme amounts of Fed liquidity have combined to produce elevated gains with limited drawdowns along the way United States Stocks ended the week higher, rebounding from a sell-off on Monday. The advance was somewhat narrow, however, with much of the gains concentrated in technology and internet-related giants—the so-called FANG+...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 24, 2021

Global markets were on the low as a surprisingly hawkish outcome from the Federal Reserve’s June 15–16 policy meeting and late-week comments from a Fed official about potentially earlier-than-expected rate hikes dragging markets globally reverse some of their post-pandemic gains. United States The Dow includes many cyclical companies—those most reliant on global economic growth. On the other hand, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index posted a much more modest loss. The broad market S&P 500 Index...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 23, 2021

Global markets were mixed during the week as investors reacted to various economic data from both the U.S Consumer price index and also various economic data from china and from the middle east. Investors were keen to watching also the developments from two Iranian Warships that had for the first time crossed into the Atlantic, and the continuing discussion of bringing back Iranian oil to the market after a previous OPEC+ ban. United States A...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 22, 2021

Global markets experienced a lift during the week buoyed by the United State’s May employment report  which showed job growth was improving, but not as quickly as anticipated by analysts. Investors were also looking at the growing coronavirus infections globally and the various measures China was taking to curb various financial vices in the country.. United States The major indexes closed moderately higher than other global markets in a shortened trading week, with markets closed...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 21, 2021

Global markets traded fairly mixed this week as most markets as investors watched on various economic data from the United States with relation to Inflation and also data from China and Japan on unemployment and various economic data. Market also looked at Mexico on the South America’s and also general data from the expansion of the Hong Kong Index which is due from 1st of June, 2021. United States Stocks recorded solid gains, leading the...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 13, 2021

Global markets were moving this week, with the major highlights of the holiday shortened week being the global consumer confidence increasing to its highest level since the onset of the corona virus pandemic. What stole investors spotlight was U.S President Joe Biden’s sweeping infrastructure proposal, which has the potential to shape the fiscal and tax environment for years to come. United States The major benchmarks closed higher for the holiday-shortened trading week as markets closed...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 11, 2021

Major Global market indices continued their gaining streak this week, with some touching record highs early in the week, some of them however later lost ground as bond yields reached their highest levels in over a year in the United States and the growing resurgence of concerns of the coronavirus pandemic in some parts of Europe. United States Energy stocks fell sharply as global oil prices saw their biggest daily drop since the summer, seemingly...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 10, 2021

Global markets touched new highs last week as optimism over the global economic recovery continued to fuel market rallies. A tame inflation report and a respite in the recent upward ascent in interest rates were also some of the top contributing factors in the market’s gains, but the headliner was the passage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), famously known as the stimulus relief plan, with U.S President Joe Biden signing the pandemic-relief bill into...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 09, 2021

Global markets continued to trade on moved by central banks as investors looked to oversee the correlation between the stock market and interest rates, picking up from last week, with rates temporarily coming out on top as yields moved up and stocks pulled back. United States The major benchmarks finished mixed as longer-term interest rates continued their ascent. The rise in rates again weighed on growth stocks by increasing the discount on future earnings, while...

Global Markets Weekly Review: Week 05, 2021

Global markets posted their best weekly gain since November, with major indexes closing at fresh record highs. Fiscal-stimulus expectations and progress on vaccine distribution continue to underpin the bullish market narrative. Crude oil traded to the highest levels in more than a year, logging an almost 10% gain for the week. United States The major benchmarks rebounded from the previous week’s steep losses, helped by fiscal stimulus plans and vaccine optimism. The large-cap S&P 500,...

Global Markets Weekly Review – Week 51, 2020

Global markets edged higher last week, with all major benchmark global indices hitting fresh all-time highs. Fiscal-stimulus optimism in the United States, along with a brighter longer-term outlook driven by the rollout of vaccines, continues to support sentiment in the market and the general global economic environment. United States The major indexes reached record highs as expectations grew for the passage of another federal coronavirus relief package. Information technology stocks outperformed within the S&P 500...

Global Markets Weekly Market Review – Week 43, 2020

Following three consecutive weekly advances, global stocks declined modestly during the week. The news flow was dominated by headlines around the negotiations for another round of fiscal relief from Washington before the U.S election, which is fast approaching is held. United States The major benchmarks ended mixed, as investors reacted to stimulus negotiations while monitoring third-quarter corporate earnings reports. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index performed worst, dragged lower by weakness in bellwether Apple, while the...

Global Markets Weekly Market Review – Week 42, 2020

Global markets were mixed but generally ended higher during the week as data on the coronavirus and various economic fronts streamed in during the week. On the global economic front, there was increased hope for a fiscal stimulus package. On the vaccine front, some trials have been paused due to health concerns, and Pfizer has filed an emergency-use plan for the end of November. United States The large-cap benchmarks narrowly managed a third consecutive week...

Global Markets Weekly Market Review – Week 41, 2020

Global markets were mixed during the week, posting declines earlier in the week and closing later higher, mixed with optimisms on the U.S elections and the health of the U.S President Donald Trump on the coronavirus. Global markets also posted the best weekly gain since early July, while long-term government yields rose to a four-month high. United States The S&P 500 Index had its best weekly gain in three months, as investors seemed to grow...

Global Markets Weekly Market Review – Week 35, 2020

Global stocks ended the week mixed, on the present prevailing macros. The MSCI’s benchmark for global equity markets rose by 0.43% to 585.73 after earlier setting a new intraday high, while stocks on Wall Street also rallied, with technology leading the way and the Dow closed to an all-time high. United States U.S Stocks continued to grind higher on largely positive news flow about potential vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, the disease caused by the...

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