Cashlet is Launching on February 20, Ready to Start Saving in 2022?

We are still in the early phases of the new year, which provides a perfect time to reminisce the goals we made in 2021, and perhaps make up what we want to achieve in 2022. You may already have crafted your health goals, new hobbies, and travel plans, there’s still room to craft your 2022 financial goals and start saving your way toward achieving them.

Last year, a majority of Kenyans saved for household needs. The 2021 FinAccess survey pegs the figure at around 27%, followed by saving for other needs like emergencies, then education, starting a business, buying personal items and so on. Kenyans also happened to have saved less for emergencies, retirement, and house purchases in 2021 than they did 2 years before.

Savings in 2021 in Kenya


Apart from the reasons to save, another important insight from this survey would be the criteria through which Kenyans narrowed down the list of savings products. Top of the list were safety, then convenience and finally ease of access during an emergency. Speaking of, Cashlet is launching on the 20th of February, offering a mobile application that you can easily deposit into and withdraw from via M-Pesa, deposit as little as Ksh 500 and list and track multiple Financial goals you are putting money for. Join the waiting list to get priority once Cashlet goes live.

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