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World Investor Week 2021: Investing Anywhere, Safely.

What is World Investor Week?

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) began the world investor week (WIW) five years ago. Every year in the first full week of October, securities exchanges across the world come together in a global campaign with a bid to create more awareness to investors with education and protection being the key element of World Investor Week.

These annual activities by IOSCO are important in reminding investors that in every single decision that they make, they need to be aware of regulations, risks, returns and even basic banking laws surrounding anti-money laundering and fraud.

What is IOSCO?

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is a global body, established in 1983 that brings together securities regulators, stock markets, financial organizations, and other stakeholders. IOSCO regulates more than 95% of the world’s securities markets.

IOSCO’s main mandate is to develop, implement, and promote adherence to internationally recognized standards for securities regulation in order to enhance securities markets’ transparency and protect its investors. In addition, the organization plays a role in promoting cooperation among its member concerning fighting financial crimes.

CMA on World Investor Week 2021.

The capital markets Authority Kenya (CMA) which is part of the IOSCO will be mandated under the local jurisdiction to conduct an array of educational activities during the world investor week, with an aim of raising awareness of the importance of investor education and protection in Kenya.

The activities include organizing online webinars, virtual or in-person conferences, publishing investor-focused material and other events, depending on the prevailing pandemic-related circumstances.

The CMA will collaborate with approved market intermediaries and the CFA Society East Africa to deepen awareness. These activities will also include one where real-time responses will be provided to investor queries. This will enhance investor awareness and protection.

The CMA is already on course and will be sharing content through social media campaigns in the form of infographics, animations, VLOGS as well as short educational messages on opportunities, products and services within the capital markets on investor protection tips.

What Should Investors Expect?

As an investor in Kenya, you should expect enlightenment from the regulator on how to spot various investment opportunities. These opportunities should be from a local and global markets standpoint. This will also give investors an opportunity to spot various investment scams which have sprung up across the globe and even touched on some of the largest global institutions.

Investors should also be on the look to learn more about risks, how to understand what it entails and just what level of risk is attached to various securities. The risk aspect of various securities ranges from stocks, bonds, derivatives and commodities which are readily available for trading in Kenya and across various securities markets globally and offered by the institutions mandated to offer services ranging from stock trading and investment banking.

You can also be able to register for the various activities that IOSCO will be conducting, touching on financial literacy, global sustainable finance, understanding ESG reporting and also Meeting the needs of a new generation of investors.

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